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Kaja Kennels




Ch. Kaja's Doc Elliott







 ~  Mrs. Joan Johnson  ~  Judge, Mrs. Stephanie Abraham  ~  Owner-Handler, Ms. Janet Smith  ~


Ch Winland's Epiphany X Kaja's Myaka


Doc loves showing! He has been a very special dog from day one.
         His personality is the greatest and his willingness to do everything at his best is exciting!



My Pedigree


                                               Ch. Keil's Grand Slam
                                  Ch. Winland's Chief Executive
                                               New Dawn's Sabrina Of Kaymar
                       Ch. Winland's Shooting Arrow
       Ch. Hi-Tech's Arbitage
Winland's Amanda
                                               Keil's Set Point
                Am. Can. Ch. Winland's Cruise Control
                     Ch. Salgray's Margaret Wise

                                  Keil's Dynasty
Ch. Keil's Hello Dolly
                       Winland's Series Sweep By Turo
                                               Ch. Marquam Hill's Trapper Of Turo
                                  Turo's Essence Of Goldfield
                                               Turo's Mirage
         Ch. Winland's Epiphany
                                              Ch. Keil's Dynasty
                                  Am. Can. Ch. Keil's Vision
                                               Ch. Keil's High Society
                        Ch. Keil's Grand Slam
      Ch. Marquam Hill's Trapper Of Turo
                                  Am. Can. Ch. Keil's Renaissance
                                               Ch. Keil's High Society

                Ch. Winland's Heptathlon
                                               Int. Ch. Mephisto's Vendetta 
Ch. Marquam Hill's Trapper Of Turo
                                               Ch. Turo's Whisper Of Five T's
                        Turo's Essence Of Goldfield
Mephisto's Warlock Of Turo
    Turo's Mirage
                                               Obie One Knobe
 Ch. Kaja's Doc Elliott  -----------------------------------------------
                                               Ch. Sentry's Centurion

                                 Ch. Sentry's Showman Of Dare-Me's
                                               Southern Belle's Roxanne
Sentry's Supercharger
                                               Ch. Sentry's Centurion
Sentry's Calendar Girl
                                               Sentry's Candy Kisses
                Ch. Sentry's Hightime
                                               Ch. Huffand's Nice Enough
                                  Ch. Sentry's Centurion
Sentry's Delightful Lady
Sentry's Covergirl
                                               Ch. Jodi's Jeremiah
                                  Sentry's Candy Kisses
                                               Sentry's Gypsy Dancer
  Kaja's Myaka
                                               Am. Can. Ch. Doggone Ounce Of Gold 
                                  Ch. Vagabond's Fire Lord
Vagabond's Morning Mist-Vihabra
                        Ch. Vagabond's Ring Of Fire
                                               Ch. Keil's Trademark
Merrilane's Class Act
                                               Merrilane's Unsinkable Molly
Kaja's Golden Heart
     Justamere Maximillion
    Canterbury Lord Chauncy
                                               Sadie Be Gone
CW Daisy Mae
                                               Ch. Echo's California Cruiser
                                  Megabuck's Mayday
Little Lady's Princess II







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